Mind flex: Get schooled

High school can be quite a ride for teenagers. They’re coming of age, considering their next steps after graduation, falling in and out of love, and dealing with cliques—all while attending class and keeping up with homework. Add to that the whole digital and social media aspect, and well, it’s a far cry from many of the high schools portrayed on television through the years.

From feel-good comedies and love triangle dramas to breaking out in song and trying to win the big game, television high schoolers have shown us the best and the worst (and maybe the most far-fetched) of these formidable high school years.

Now, clear your desks and pull out your No. 2 pencils— it’s pop quiz time!

Let’s see how well you know your favorite high school-inspired TV shows.

1. In “Saved by the Bell,” this place was a favorite hangout spot for students at Bayside High School.

A. Casey’s Cookout

B. Bob’s Burgers

C. The Max

D. McDonald’s

2. What was the name of the housemother who took care of the students at an all-girls boarding school on “The Facts of Life?”

A. Mrs. Garrett

B. Mrs. Drummond

C. Mrs. Warner

D. Mrs. Ramsey

3. This series, focused on four remedial students and their teacher, skyrocketed John Travolta’s career.

A. “Diff’rent Strokes”

B. “Teen Wolf”

C. “Welcome Back, Kotter”

D. “Head of the Class”

4. This series tackled problems and celebrated the wins of a diverse group of students—and did it through song and dance.

A. “High School Musical”

B. “Glee”

C. “Veronica Mars”

D. “Beverly Hills 90210”

5. Which show depicted actor Will Smith as a transplant from West Philadelphia sent to live with his aunt and uncle?

A. “A Different World”

B. “Boy Meets World”

C. “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

D. “Freaks and Geeks”

6. What show is based on the “Archie” comics featuring Betty, Archie, Veronica and Jughead, but with darker plotlines involving death and betrayal?

A. “Riverdale”

B. “My So-Called Life”

C. “Pretty Little Liars”

D. “Degrassi”

7. Set in the 1960s, this coming-of-age sitcom was narrated by Daniel Stern and followed the lives of the stereotypical American suburban middleclass family, as the main character carried a torch for the girl across the street.

A. “Boy Meets World”

B. “The Wonder Years”

C. “The O.C.”

D. “Happy Days”

8. This sports drama about football in the small town of Dillon, Texas, was adapted from H.G. Bissinger’s book and a 2004 movie of the same name.

A. “Friday Night Lights”

B. “Coach”

C. “Titletown High”

D. “All American”

9. This family-friendly sitcom spurred a handful of spinoffs including “Mork & Mindy,” “Laverne & Shirley” and “Joanie Loves Chachi.”

A. “The Facts of Life”

B. “That ‘70s Show”

C. “Happy Days”

D. “Head of the Class”


1-C, 2-A, 3-C, 4-B, 5-C, 6-A, 7-B, 8-A, 9-C

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